A message from the Company Secretary


Dear Shareholders,

It was a pleasure to meet you at the last Annual General Meeting when we had the opportunity to further discuss the Company’s business. 

When talking to a number of our shareholders who attended the meeting, I was impressed by the interest shown in the reintroduction of the shareholders’ trips to our various hotels abroad. 

In this regard, Management has started working on the next trip and has made preliminary checks on the cost of flights and other needs such as accommodation and transport etc. Our initial research has shown that costs for organising such trips have increased substantially, particularly flights.  In view of this, we are checking with various airlines on the best rates for a charter, which no doubt will also depend on the period of the year and possibly other considerations. 

Our Team will try its utmost to achieve the most attractive and economical price, and we will inform you of progress in the coming weeks.

With best regards,

Jean-Pierre Schembri

Company Secretary

International Hotel Investments P.L.C.