An open book full of bubbling interest. Ana Maria Molano Moran


A quick Google search informed me that Bogotá, Colombia, is approximately 9,600 kilometres from Malta. Not exactly around the corner! And yet Ana Maria Molano Moran feels very much at home in Malta and thrilled to form part of the Corinthia family. Ana, as she calls herself in short, is an open book full of bubbling interest, lapping up everything she can learn. And she is a fast learner. Her academic background makes studying and analysing her favourite exercises.

Ana Maria Molano Moran

What brought her to this Island, brimming with history, in the middle of the Mediterranean? With her signature smile, she narrated her story in short. “My elder sister, Claudia, had left Colombia in 2019 to learn and study English in Malta. She is a psychologist and a super person. At that time, I was quite set in my life in Colombia. I studied law there and began working as a lawyer, specialising in labour and emigration law. I worked as an assistant of a magistrate in a Labour Tribunal where I researched cases, organised and collated evidence and helped the magistrate in his decisions. All extremely challenging and exciting! Then, the magistrate was transferred to another place, and I was out of work. I was unhappy and wanted a change in scenery. My sister encouraged me to come to Malta since I knew English quite well. I arrived in Malta in March 2022, and within a short time, I found a job as a receptionist at Corinthia St George’s Apollo Spa. I was absolutely green in that job, but I am a quick learner. After five months, there was a vacancy for a receptionist at Corinthia’s Head Office, and I applied. I remember my excitement when Jean Pierre Schembri and Krystle Ellul interviewed me. But then, when I was asked to meet Mr Alfred Pisani, our Chairman, who wished to talk to me, I felt terrified. I will never forget those minutes chatting with him. Against all that I expected,  he gently asked me about my family and led me to talk about myself. In other words, he wanted to assess me as a person.

I was accepted and started to work as a receptionist. Then, a year ago I was promoted to Office Assistant.” 

Visiting Munich
And Rome

Ana described her new work as an exciting experience helping the secretarial team and assisting the finance, company secretarial, executives’ and chairman’s offices. “I am getting to know very well the anatomy of the heart of this great organisation. I can also see where I can mature. For example, with my academic background, I am reading and studying compliance and anti-money laundering regulations.My study and training in law make me more analytical and assist me in approaching aspects from a wider context.” Ana’s face betrayed her genuine excitement about this new phase of her life. 

Was it a coincidence that the few Colombians I met were very polite and cheerful? Or is it some national trait? Ana chuckled. “We say that we put flowers in everything. One may ask for a cappuccino with milk. We would start by saying Good morning. How are you? Can I have a Cappuccino with milk? And may God bless you.” 

Ana (extreme left) with siblings Andres and Claudia and parents Fernando and Ana Maria

I led her back to the family. “I have two siblings: Claudia, who I mentioned, and my brother Andres. He is the artist of the family. He studied music production and works as DJ in many parties back in Colombia. My father, Fernando, is an accountant; he is semi-retired and loves working. My mother, Ana Maria – I carry her name – had studied interior design but she soon moved over to sales-oriented jobs. She is a perfect salesperson and can sell water to a fish. After some time in car dealership, she joined customer service at a large bank and is now retired.

Ana’s tender tone when speaking about her family led me to ask if she still misses them. She readily admitted she was close to all of them and missed them, but modern technology now allows free daily visual contact. “We see and talk to each other every day. And, I confess, I also miss hugging Buzz.

Hello Buzz.

Buzz? Who is Buzz? “He’s my precious dog. I had found him as a small puppy abandoned in a bus on my way to university. He was dirty and injured. So I immediately took him to a vet’s office and asked them to wash and cure him, and would pass for him later in the day. He is a cross-breed, but for me, he is just perfect. When I left home for Malta, he slept in my room for a month and refused to sleep elsewhere. When I speak to him, I can see him looking earnestly at the door, waiting for the door to open.

Ana and Jersson

Did she see a future with Corinthia? “Certainly, yes. I am sure I can grow here in a fast-expanding company. I am passing through a phase of great satisfaction. I am satisfied with myself, and I feel good. My Colombian  boyfriend, Jersson, whom I met in Malta, is a super guy. He used to work in the same office as my sister in Malta. He’s an IT manager with experience also in project management. He’s a wonderful character.

Ana stopped for a while and looked at me. “I see a bright future. But then, I am a super optimist who always sees the glass full. And I am very dedicated and a stickler for details, preparing myself well to meet challenges.

Full house! All the family and partners.

I am also blessed to have my sister Claudia here, and I simply love her Swedish partner, Kristopher. I attend the gym three times a week to compensate for my long hours sitting at a desk and enjoy eating a well-stuffed Arepa, which I love to prepare. Arepa is a cornmeal cake made of ground maze dough stuffed with a filling of every possible goodie.”

And with that mouth-watering finale, I shook hands and wished Ana well. She thoroughly deserves it. As she would say: She’s a super girl!