Art galore at the Corinthia Palace


Corinthia Palace is hosting and co-sponsoring an art exhibition in its lobby  up to January 8, 2023. 

Speaking at the opening of the exhibition, Alexandra Pisani, General Manager of Corinthia Palace, warmly welcomed the guests and added: ‘It gives me great pleasure to see artists reveal their creations here at Corinthia Palace. Way back in 2012, we hosted the first exhibition in the hotel lobby. It’s been my wish to resume this valuable practice ever since I became GM.’

Around 40 paintings in  oils or watercolours are exhibited by some very accomplished artists currently living and practising in Malta and Gozo. The exhibition is curated by Laura Swale of Allura who commented.  “The artists in this show are among the leading painters in the country. And we’ve been fortunate to have had such outstanding artwork to choose from for this exhibition. If you visit Art at the Corinthia Palace, I hope you’ll be impressed.

The artworks by 13 different artists featuring in this exhibition have been selected from the Allura Art collection. They include both figurative and abstract pieces, as well as new and previously unseen work. The subject-matter ranges from the natural and built environment to the human experience and imagination. 

The artists from Malta are Andrew Borg, Christine Porter Lofaro, Jo Dounis, Kevin Sciberras, Debbie Bonello and Rosette Bonello, as well as Gozo-based painters Christopher Saliba and Bob Cardona. Malta-based international artists include Andrew Smith, originally from the UK, Bulgarian painters Vania Goshe and Bogdan Dyulgerov, Natasha Dadush from Russia and Marianne Ogden from the United States of America. 

You can view selected pieces from the show:

For artists’ photos, profiles and biographies, view:

Really worth a visit!



Christine Porter Lofaro. Catch a Glimpse.
Dramatic chiaroscuro. Light from an unseen gadget illuminates the face of a young girl, surprised by this talented artist for an interminable moment

Andrew Borg. Wied Mgarr iX-Xini.
Zooming into the essentials, this painting is an epitome of simplicity expressed by a consummate artist. Masterful work.
Jo Dounis. Violets.
A diagonal stream of violet marbling effect offers an engaging impression
of twirls and depths which invite us to look further and further .
Natasha Dadush. Twilight Roses.
Masterful deft brushwork offers a relaxing still life of roses in
a most relaxing atmosphere

Kevin Sciberras.Maqabba aerial view.
This painting lives beyond its limited palette through an interplay
of shapes and colours, offering an interesting aerial view of the Mqabba village core.

Christopher Saliba. Morning Light.
Undulating colourful landscape ending in a mute blue horizon with Xaghra village in Gozo.

Andrew Smith. Terrazza dell’Infinito.
A dominant foreground shadow leads to a terrazzo which opens its arches to what could be the infinite. Very effective.

Bob Cardona. White Dog and Crescent,
A forceful composition where a diagonal foreground meets a contrary
movement of land to be led to rest in a blue sea and a sea of blue.

Bogdan Dyulgeron. Sonic vibes.
A forceful abstract of contrasts and lines which
seem to guide the sonic in empty space.
Debbie Bonello. Precipitation.
Excellent brushwork heralding an outburst of rain.
Though reminiscent of Turner’s ‘beginnings’ this artist transmutes it into a finished work of art.
Rosette Bonello. New beginnings.
Mixed media abstract interplay of colours, gold, white, turquoise, creating a calming, peaceful effect but perhaps foreboding new beginnings.
Marianne Ogden. View from Senglea.
Fresh artwork with very mute refreshing colours but still retaining its dramatic passages,
which makes it a delightful work.
Christopher Saliba. The Valley.
A dark chasm leads the viewer to a typical Maltese village in the horizon.
An engaging mature painting with an interesting composition and a play of lights and darks. Great work.