Ms Beatrix Tabi

Fully Corinthian ! 

That smile

Ms Beatrix Tabi, known as Betty to her friends, immediately  comes across as an ebullient person, full of personality, with an easy smile and good sense of humour. Insider Plus wanted to discover more about her.

She works with Corinthia Budapest as kitchen co-ordinator. What does that really mean? She smiles, almost chuckles and says, “It means mother of chefs; for this role you have to be a nurse, a teacher, a psychiatrist, the one who is always there for everyone to help sort out their issues, the one who knows or can obtain the right answer to questions, the one who always has a good word for everyone, the connection between kitchen and other departments, the one who makes sure the department keeps all the relevant deadlines, overall a kind  of nanny with with strong multitasking skills and creative ideas.”

At work

Ms Tabi has been with Corinthia Budapest for sixteen years; actually since this hotel opened. 

Before joining Corinthia, she studied at the Budapest Business School, and obtained a Bsc in hotel management. Why did she choose Corinthia? Again that smile: “ I did not choose Corinthia, I chose the building.” She knows this reply is rather perplexing so she explained  further. “During my intern I passed by the building every single day and  it used to sadden me seeing this beautiful building in ruins. I always said to my friends that I wished that by the time I finished my studies someone would have renovated it. I was sure that if and when it reopened I would start to work there. “

“My friends considered me a dreamer. They could not understand how a ruined building could have attracted my attention and impressed me to such an extent. They were not dreamers, so they could only see the dirty broken window panes. But I saw through that dilapidated building and imagined the coffee house windows come to life again with that beautiful Royal R …and I was mesmerised.” 

“So you can imagine what I did when I heard that renovation had started. I was adamant I would apply for a job there when I obtained my diploma.”

Does she feels she belongs to the Corinthia family? Ms Beatrix Tabi put on her adamant look. “Absolutely. I spend more than a third of my day here. It is my second home. The colleagues who share this time with me are my second family. We laugh and cry together, we support each other and we have our fights as well. What is this if not a kind of family?” What a wonderful thought to consider even the disagreements as part of the hub and family union? Indeed siblings do not agree all the time but they do not lose their bond.

One can easily perceive a kind trait in this woman of character. Does she help other colleagues on work or even out of work? “Of course, I do it every day.” Can she elaborate? “Even though I have my administrative role, when kitchen or pastry is extremely busy I always offer a helping hand and am very glad to support my department with burning crème brûlée, adding the decoration etc.” And what about some different experience? Ms Tabi looked blankly, trying to recall some incident, then smiled. “ There are many stories….Ah yes, I remember one time we had a French guest trainee who suddenly developed a stomach ache. We were all worried so we called the ambulance. The problem was that he could only speak French so there was a language problem. I was sure he would have been lost and dejected in a hospital far away from his home without any one understanding him. So I decided he should not be left alone. I joined him in hospital as a translator and spent a whole afternoon there with him, consoling him and translating. That way he got his medication and we returned from hospital after several hours.”

 Any other incident? “Perhaps the strangest thing was when a few years ago I designed and sewed some maternity dresses for a colleague who could not find business-style maternity clothes to use at work. You should see the look in her face when she saw and wore the dresses!” 

It is not surprising that such a person was chosen Employee of the Year in 2007 and twice Star of the month. She was considered highly self – motivated, performing beyond expectations, and bringing out the best from everyone and every situation through support and camaraderie.

Receiving a certificate from the Chairman of Corinthia , Mr Alfred Pisani,


Ms Tabi is also an operational coach, which means she mentors newcomers, delivers training in line with the company’s requirements, offers on-the-job training, provides corrective training etc. She is also departmental first aider, and a Litmos champion. What is a Litmos champion? She explains, “Litmos is our online learning hub with hundreds of online training sessions where each individual can find the most suitable training for his/her needs. Some of them are really short, whilst others take much more time. I became a Litmos champion by completing the highest number of trainings in our hotel.”

With such a helpful character she could not fail to be a member of the of Corinthia Social Committee. 

“Even though the hours of work can be tough at times, I try as much as possible to keep a work-life balance.” She does not waste any time. She lives about 66 km away from Budapest. “That means I travel for one and a half hours, during which time I study and use our learning hub.”

So what does she do when she arrives home? Does she cook or is she fed up of looking at food? She knows no stop. “I enjoy trying out new recipes. You see, when I travel I always buy spices and authentic ingredients to take home the taste of the country. I relax and enjoy it.”

Her powerful smile has become a hallmark.  “I believe in the power of a smile and I’m sure there are flowers everywhere for those who really want to see them.” Any hobbies? “I love traveling; it might sound a cliche` but I really think travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. I like trying out the food specialities, especially spicy dishes, of different countries.”

On holiday in Sardegna 

Most of her hobbies are related to the arts and creativity: designing dresses, making paracord and pearl jewelleries and…she’s big fan of DIY projects.

At home there is always background music and when she really wants to relax, nothing beats reading.

Ms Beatrix Tabi makes Corinthia proud. She personifies passion at work,  care for her colleagues, enjoys the thrill of a new challenge and above all appreciates the fullness and beauty of life.