Corinthia Cares


Recently Corinthia co-sponsored a Halloween party organised by RE/MAX Malta, one of the Island’s leading Estate Agents. The cause behind it all was a noble one. Donations generated during the event went to Noah’s Ark, a local dog sanctuary founded in 2004 by Fabio Ciappara and Mark Vella.

It was a very well-attended party where all the guests made it a point to be the spookiest Halloween guest. A line-up of well-known DJs provided the music whilst a full-fledged cocktail bar provided speciality drinks and a variety of alcoholic beverages, delectable finger foods like sushi, pastries and cakes. All attendees participated in the costume contest, and the winners received a variety of gifts.

Noah’s Ark Sanctuary currently houses over 100 dogs. A host of dedicated volunteers aid in enforcing animal welfare laws, microchip registration and responsible breeding nationwide. Noah’s Ark rescues innumerable abandoned dogs, offering them comfort and medical care, many ending in ideal homes locally and overseas. The Sanctuary is financed by the generosity of private individuals and big-hearted volunteer workers and cooperates with all animal welfare officials and NGOs. Noah’s Ark is a watchdog for animal cruelty situations. 

Corinthia’s help is another example of showing it cares.