Corinthia Group Chairman, Mr Alfred Pisani Nominated for Hotelier of The World Award 2020- Place your vote!




Insider Plus is proud to inform you that Mr Alfred Pisani, Founder and Chairman of Corinthia Hotels been nominated for the prestigious Hotelier of The World Award 2020.  The nominees feature on the April edition of the Hotels Magazine

The awards recognise individuals and their careers based on various criteria, including how the nominees have defined standards of service, operational excellence and performance, creativity in management and what they have done for the greater good of the global hotel business.

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We are sure you are aware of most of the distinguishing marks of this gentleman. But we have thought it beneficial to include some biographical information.

Founder and Chairman, Corinthia Hotels

Born in Malta in 1939, Alfred Pisani founded the Corinthia brand in 1962 with the help of his family, transforming his family home into the Corinthia Restaurant in Attard, Malta. As Chairman, he has since directed the Group’s staggering growth into a leading international hotel chain, with ownership and management interests in luxury city and resort hotels in 12 countries in Europe and Africa. Today, the brand represents timeless and effortless style in some of the world’s greatest cities and locations.  Alfred Pisani’s efforts were officially recognised by the State in 2001, when he was invested as Member of the Order of Merit of Malta by the President of the Republic and again in 2014, when the President bestowed the highest order of the land, Officer, The National Order of Merit.


 Alfred Pisani, a visionary, self-made Maltese businessman, Founder and Executive Chairman of Corinthia, started business in 1962 in the newly independent island of Malta, building a restaurant that he grew into a hotel chain worldwide. Today, Corinthia Hotels, though it has made the transition to becoming a public company, still carries the family traditions of uplifting lives and craftsmanship of care. The company has spread its wings in a number of destinations, where the Corinthia flag proudly signifies the message of quality.  In the coming years, Corinthia Hotels is set to open several new hotels including landmark developments in Dubai, Bucharest, Brussels, Moscow and Rome.

Alfred Pisani’s “Formula for Success”

Corinthia Hotels ambitiously combines both a love for historic restoration and a passion for dynamic modern styles with an ‘uplifting’ design and a particular operating philosophy: authentic, intuitive service delivered at the highest and most precise standards.

A family of uplifting the quality of life, in the words of Alfred Pisani

“I started Corinthia in Malta in the 60’s, first opening a fine-dining restaurant, and later building our first hotel – the Corinthia Palace. The world has changed much since those days, but then Corinthia has also grown and prospered. I see much scope to look at the lessons learnt from our early years as a guiding beacon to help us navigate through the complexities and tremendous opportunities of the modern world.

“Of course, we did not have any money back then. But what we did have, in abundant reserves, was unbending perseverance. We certainly preserved and adopted an optimistic attitude to transform challenges into successes. We were enterprising, clear in our thinking and constructively ambitious. We spotted timely opportunities and took action accordingly. We were bold – but with our feet on the ground. We believed in our capabilities and we were committed to go all the way. We had a vision to build a great hotel company and nothing was going to stop us.

“To build and operate great hotels takes passion and ambition. To repeat this success again and again, overtime requires authenticity and sincerity. To deliver caring service to our guests at the highest possible standards needs knowledge, experience, understanding and a fanatical attention to detail.

“Corinthia began as a family business, and while it has grown into something rather different today, we still retain all the precious values of a family: caring for one another and offering each other personal support each and every day. We listen to and spur each other on, to bring out the best in one another – as professionals, and more importantly, as human beings.”

“Uplifting Lives is the philosophy that enlightens everything we do, including how we treat our guests. Our purpose is to uplift lives.”

Mr Alfred Pisani has also instilled within Corinthia a deep culture of the Spirit of Corinthia.

“The Spirit of Corinthia is a sum total of sentiments, philosophies, guidelines and sensitivities which make us different from others.  It is this amalgam of behaviour which forms our Corinthian DNA, our identity. The sense of family which binds us all, gives rise to a culture of care. Care by all employees towards each other, especially towards those who are new and developing within the fold of Corinthia. This does not merely guide our spirit; it is also a social message. The practice of nurture and assistance motivates the giver and the receiver. It ensures a sharing of experience and hence gives rise to higher standards in our organisation, our service, our look, and the feelings we share with everyone, including our guests.

“The Spirit of Corinthia also encompasses a constant and sincere passion for one’s work, which therefore gives rise to an unswerving determination to reach the goal of personal contentment. It includes also a drive for perfection and always looking forward for new heights. All these requisites become stronger when coupled with a sense of righteousness, honesty and integrity”