Corinthia helps survivors of the floods tragedy in Libya.


Corinthia grieves the vast devastation caused by the floods in Libya. Thousands have died, and many more have become homeless and lost all their belongings.

In the tireless, harrowing search for the dead, one other tragedy overshadows the living: how to survive without basic needs.

The irony is that the excess of water in the area has turned into a deathly trap because of the water reserve contamination; the people are, therefore, in dire need of potable water and immediate survival necessities.

Malta has reacted positively to this catastrophe and sent a team of its Civil Protection Department and Armed Forces. Several international organizations and NGOs are now collecting different urgently required supplies. 

Corinthia has immediately coordinated with the Malta Foreign Office as also the Libyan embassy in Malta and has already sent a first consignment by air comprising water tanks, sleeping mats and disinfectants. A second shipment by air will be carried out next week.

Corinthia will continue following the development of needs in the stricken area and offer a helping hand in these most tragic times.