Corinthia Invests in Malta’s Green Future


Corinthia Group executive Marcus Pisani presenting the money donation to Steve Mercieca, co-founder of the QLZH Foundation.

Saġġar, the collaboration between the QLZH Foundation and the NGO Act that aims to sustainably revolutionise the Maltese environment by planting one million trees, has a new supporter from the corporate field.

Corinthia Group has officially become the second Green Partner sponsoring this ecological intervention by pledging its support to Malta’s green infrastructure.

The team behind Saġġar introduced the project to Corinthia Group’s board of directors, who were immediately intrigued by what this mission is planning to achieve over the coming years.

Corinthia Group is well known for its efforts in contributing towards a stronger and more sustainable society and environment.

With regards to Corinthia Group’s eco-friendly beliefs and visions, the 2018 IHI yearly report remarked: “The group is committed to reducing its carbon emissions and making its business more sustainable. The Group has developed policies and procedures for energy conservation and waste management to help it instruct employees and standardise approaches on the effective management and conservation of these resources. All operations report on their energy and water performance on a regular basis, with these being constantly reviewed throughout the year.”

Marcus Pisani, Corinthia Group executive, said: “Corinthia takes an active role in establishing environmentally-friendly practices across its hotels and is currently implementing a number of significant initiatives such as a property-wide procedure of plastic reduction, particularly in single-use cases. Furthermore, our environmental responsibility extends beyond our properties and we are therefore always on the look-out for opportunities through which our contribution can make a tangible difference.”

Following its donation, Corinthia Group will be asking each of its employees in Malta to plant a tree in their homes and neighbourhoods under Saġġar’s guidance. “The Maltese environment can flourish with the right amount of human intervention and care and we are therefore sincerely proud to support an initiative such as Saġġar.

“Progressive and considered forestation will contribute greatly to our ecology, our health and our county’s overall aesthetic and we hope that Corinthia’s long term contribution will play a key role in helping Saġġar realise their ambitions for the good of the island”, he concludes.

“When we encounter companies like the Corinthia Group who are willing to invest in Malta’s green future, we feel overwhelmed that our Saġġar vision is becoming more of a reality. Together with our partners Act Environment, we have always designed our strategy to include entities from public and corporate world because we truly believe this project is for all of the Maltese society,” said Steve Mercieca, co-founder of the QLZH Foundation.

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