CORINTHIA Malta Service Awards Presentation


It was indeed heartening to see 96 employees participating in Corinthia’s Malta Service Awards Presentation at the Corinthia Palace Hotel. The day, 6 December, was a very special day for Corinthia. Exactly 60 years ago, it had opened its doors for the first time on December 6 1962 in that very same place. And the long exciting, successful journey started its course.

Last year, owing to health and safety regulations, Corinthia was forced to hold smaller events in each outlet. Gladly, no health restrictions curtailed attendance this year, so all the awardees could enjoy each other’s company.

Each awardee was presented with a long-service certificate and an Mdina Glass trophy,  hand-crafted by Mdina Glass for this special occasion.

Awards were presented to colleagues employed with Corinthia for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 years.  

Insider Plus thought it fit to publish the names of all awardees:

SWAN LAUNDRY5 Years: Lindsay Rita Grima; 15 Years: Stephania Vella.

MCC.  25 years: Claire Mifsud.

DANISH BAKERY.  5 Years: Francis Mifsud, Paul Vella. 20 Years: Louis Gatt.

COSTA COFFEE. 5 Years: Angie Marie Cacciattolo, Mario Psaila, Antoinette Tanti.

CORINTHIA CATERERS AND CATERMAX.  5 Years: Bernard Borg, Darren Magro, David Camilleri, Joanne Vella Fiorentino, Maria Rosaria Conte, Darren Cini, Silvio Grima, Alexia Vella. 10 Years: Jurgen Sciberras. 15 Years: Roderick Schembri, Michele Borg. 20 Years: Karen Sciberras, Ania Juul-Nielsen. 25 Years: Tarcisio Tabone.

QP 5 Years: Alexia Buttigieg Sladden, Alexander Kirkwood, Andrew Pillow. 15 Years: Samuel Cachia. 20 Years: Claire Bezzina, Mauro Caruana.

CORINTHIA PALACE. 5 Years: Alessandro Romagnoli, Maureen Amarra Piccio, Julie Ann Bayang, Sherilyn Micallef. 10 Years: Memely Mansay, Antonella Camilleri, Matthew Agius. 15 Years: Olena Ellul, Jonathan Zammit. 25 Years: Kevin Ciantar, Raymond Psaila, Raymond Vella.

CORINTHIA ST GEORGE’S BAY. 5 years: Daniel Balzan, Alexander Kostin, Jason Grech. 10 Years: Glen Micallef. 15 Years: Christopher Zarb, Lacey Meli. 20 Years: Nicholas Portelli, Andrea Ventorino. 25 Years: Kenneth Mifsud, Ivan Zammit, Brian Micallef.

RADISSON BAYPOINT HOTEL.  5 years: Alina Badi, Gabriella Sammut Scerri, Sylvan Sammut, Justin Tonna, Jovana Jokic, Ramon D Anastasi, Kiros Gibremariam Tesfaldet, Romas Rubezius. 15 Years: Charles Zammit; Lindsay Anne Borg. 20 Years: Paul Barber. 25 Years: Steve Gatt, Jesmond Scicluna.

GOLDEN SANDS.  5 Years: Ryan Buhagiar, Kyle Zammit, Pauline Camilleri. 10 Years: Antoine Cuschieri, Marco Micallef, Dieter Ludwig Achtelstetter. 15 Years: Anthony Falzon, Monica Briffa, Edward Briffa, Anthony Aquilina. 20 Years: David Gera. 25 Years : Anthony Micallef.

MARINA HOTEL.  5 Years: Mario Darmanin. 15 Years: Fabian Zammit. 25 Years: Jesmond Farrugia, Tonio Zammit.

CHL.  5 Years: Giuseppina Inghliterra, Walter Hess. 10 Years: Maria Caruana. 20 Years: Christopher Scicluna.

CORPORATE OFFICE. 5 Years: Dragana Stanic. 10 Years: Franco Valletta. 25 Years: Louise Siracusa, Simon Naudi.

Chairman, Mr Alfred Pisani, presented the 30 and 35-year awards.

30 Years: Fabian Mamo, Corinthia Caterers; Mario Schembri, Corporate Office; Steve Schembri, Corinthia Palace Hotel.  35 Years: John Camilleri, Corinthia Caterers.

Chairman, Mr Alfred Pisani with Mr Marcus Pisani

Mr Alfred Pisani also proudly presented a 10-year service award to his son Marcus Pisani. 

Chairman then delivered a short speech, exhorting all to offer their best, take control of hurdles and overcome them with passion whilst helping all colleagues who need guidance and assistance. This was a creed which made Corinthia special, with a guiding spirit which encourages and fortifies.

After he left the stage, Chairman did not suspect that he was to be called back on stage with his brothers Mr Joseph Pisani and Mr Victor Pisani. To their surprise, they were presented with a special award for 60 years service to Corinthia. Indeed, fitting, fully deserved and appreciated by all present.

Left to right: Mr Victor Pisani, Mr Alfred Pisani, Mr Joseph Pisani