Elegantly simple


Isn’t it remarkable that wherever we go and meet people working with Corinthia, all say the same thing; “I feel part of a family.” Corinthia is present in all four corners of the world, employing from all five continents and yet all of them are attracted by this family warmth pervading all operations of Corinthia.

“I’ve worked for other hotels but at Corinthia you feel the spirit of family. It’s something I feel very much when I arrive in the morning. It’s a kind of magic,” tells us Daniel Silva, the Head Waiter at the Corinthia Hotel Lisbon in this edition.

Amazing isn’t it? What better way of starting your day in an environment that makes you feel loved, respected and trusted. And it is indeed magical as Daniel aptly put it.
Reading through the piece, in this edition, of brand analyst Sarah Robb, The Story of Uplifting Lives, I cannot help but not notice that the sense of belonging, authenticity, elegance-in-simplicity stand out as values that make up this wonderful family, we call Corinthia.

Sarah Robb’s study is profound as much as it is revealing but it is Daniel Silva’s and Memely Mansay’s stories that help us understand better why Corinthia is indeed a magnet for the best and the honest. Theirs are touching stories of people who believe in themselves and clearly think that yes it is possible to have everything in life; good health, a wonderful loving family and money to enjoy.

Chairman Alfred Pisani

Our Executive Chairman Mr Alfred Pisani encourages us to think big, have blind confidence in ourselves. “Whilst we move ahead with well calculated decisions, we must however remove any hesitation and believe in ourselves that all is possible and all is within our reach.”

“It is very important that this company is run with family values, where, come what may, we always stand up for each other and offer the best attention and caring to our customers…We have a solid foundation, not only based on strong financial measures but embodied with the sentiment of family values. This for me carries the best of both worlds, the one of governance and supported by the emotions of caring. We must always ensure that no matter how professional and how efficient we become it is as relevant and important to hold on to and manifest the family sentiments. This is most important as this is what will distinguish us from the competition,” says Mr Pisani

It’s a state of mind. Isn’t it? It is when we opt to enter a space of harmony and self worth that we start seeing massive results in our careers, in our health and all the good things in life. Corinthia’s hotels across the globe inhabit this space and attract people who inhabit this space and it seems to me that these people remain with Corinthia because they want to grow hand in hand with Corinthia.

“At Corinthia they give you a chance to prove yourself. I’ve had numerous offers, but I couldn’t be happier than where I am today,” Memely Mansay the Restaurant Manager at the Malta Corinthia Palace Hotel tells us in this edition.

Daniel Silva tells us that he encourages his colleagues to remember a guest’s particular wishes – “the kind of coffee they like, or their breakfast favourites.” He says that most guests have become friends. “Sometimes they invite me to go out for a meal, with my family, or to visit them overseas, on my holidays. .… It’s so nice that people remember me.”

There is indeed elegance in simplicity in Daniel’s account and it is no wonder that guests remember him because after-all elegance is not about being noticed but about being remembered, as the Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani once famously said.

Our people know that working with Corinthia is not just about earning a wage or having a stable job or even having a stable career path. Working with Corinthia is also about a voyage of self discovery because Corinthia profoundly believes in its people and wants nothing else but to enhance their self-worth.

The Executive Chairman has said it, on a number of occasions, that Corinthia chooses people who grasp these family values and who have a personality of total integrity. “We must always ensure that no one is to enter the family unless these ingredients of honesty are evident. Corinthia would rather choose the person who has integrity, commitment and passion, to the one who has knowledge but lacks integrity. Knowledge is what we can teach, whilst it is very difficult to influence character shortcomings,” Mr Pisani has said recently.

Everyone deserves to be happy and Corinthia’s employees understand this at a very deep level. Daniel and Memely are shining examples of this.

They greet guests with a simple and genuine smile; the kind of smile that remains with you throughout the evening or throughout the day. The kind of smile that comes from their heart and their soul. The kind of smile that comes from persons who found their place in life and inhabit a most magnificent of spaces shared with Corinthia.

Sarah Robb is right. Corinthia is about Uplifting Lives.