Goodbye, dear friend. Saluting Joseph Fenech.


The news of Joseph Fenech’s demise came as a shock on 3 August. He had passed through several tight spots healthwise but always managed to rebound. Joseph had an unequalled verve to remain active and immersed in his work, which he performed outstandingly well. 

He joined Corinthia Group in 1980 and was intimately involved in its expansion and financial development throughout these last 42 years.  He served as a director on a number of Corinthia Group subsidiaries and affiliates. Until 2021 he was the joint CEO of International Hotel Investments plc (IHI) and was since then a board member of IHI. 

His close colleagues attest to his financial acumen coupled with a stamina and insistent verve who relished a challenge. Never did we hear him even hint of giving up. He faced work and health problems with great courage, good humour and determination. Corinthia has lost a stalwart, a most devoted, honest and faithful person who gave every inch in his body and spirit. He never went to work for work’s sake, but as something he enjoyed doing.

We enjoyed our chats where he would forget work for a few minutes and pride himself in the fruit trees and garden, which he masterfully cared for. He enjoyed showing off some photos of an oversized or multi-coloured produce. He spoke very dearly of his wife Tessie, who was such a faithful and loving companion, and his children Cherilyn and her husband Cleo, Oriana and her husband Allan, his son Paul and his wife Mathilde, and his beloved grandchildren Albert, Benoit, Edward, Faith, David and Margot. He would have loved to enjoy them more, but his life was cut short at the age of 65. 

Goodbye, dear friend. All your colleagues salute you.