Happy Anniversary Corinthia !


Today is a very special day for Corinthia. Fifty-eight years ago, it started its long and exciting journey, which developed into a continuous discovery of new paths, dreams and achievements. 

Determination, positive outlook and professionalism accompanied Corinthia all through these fifty-eight years, and will certainly guide it for many years to come.

I look forward with optimism to our future. I am very proud that throughout these years there has been a healthy increase of Corinthia flags flying  over elegant Corinthia hotels in many different countries,” said Mr Alfred Pisani, Founder and Group Chairman of Corinthia. “ All this has been achieved by a collective stamina and dedication of our Corinthia personnel, who I love to refer to as the Corinthia Family. So today, one can say, is also the fifty-eighth anniversary of this special Corinthia Family.

Looking forward for many years to come!