Inġ. AnneMarie Zammit

The thrill to work with Corinthia 



Working with Corinthia gives me a thrill.” This was the spirit of a short exchange of words with  Inġ AnneMarie Zammit who currently works as an Executive Engineer within the Engineering Department at Corinthia Hotels Ltd, Malta.

After graduating in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Malta in 2013, she completed a two-year course leading to MSc in Mechanical Engineering and within a short time she was recruited with Corinthia. She was elated when she got the job. It was like returning home because during her studies, Ms Zammit had already worked with Corinthia, though in a completely different post.

She now forms part of a team of six people, headed by Inġ. Joseph Restall, each with a different role.

The team offers engineering corporate support to all Corinthia hotels around the world on the upkeep and maintenance of the MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing), facilities, equipment and systems of the hotels. The work involved is varied, ranging from onsite inspections, assisting in building services design, refurbishment projects, upgrading equipment and managing the hotels’ capital expenditure budget.

We also investigate large scale technical problems, recommend and propose solutions. “Problem solving is so exciting,” she says. Some issues to be resolved are long standing and feature slowly by age, but others just crop up.

The team constantly keeps abreast with new technologies to identify and implement the best for Corinthia. Reaching an ideal solution is not a short road. The experience gained from the successes or failures of equipment in different Corinthia hotels can be carried over and implemented in others. “Eco-friendliness forms a very important factor in our decisions.”

At the moment Ms Zammit is working on standardizing the documentation of the hotels’ energy consumption. This has always been recorded, but by normalizing the data it would be possible to compare the data from all hotels more objectively and independently of their geographical location. This way, hotels which are less energy efficient are identified and energy saving initiatives can be evaluated and implemented. “We want to become greener and greener”.

She looks at an exciting future with Corinthia. “The opportunities are enormous. Different hotels, new developments, new horizons.” She and her colleagues are now working on improving the preventive maintenance standards across all Corinthia Hotels and introducing a new Computer Aided Facilities Management Software across the Group. Different countries have different laws and regulations, so they are now establishing a new set of procedures for all. What stage has this reached? “We are currently rolling out the standards, but one must tread carefully since we need to ensure a smooth implementation while gradually working on the change in philosophy. One must keep in mind a cost implication since this would require more resources. We seek to instill a culture that you need to maintain and get the best out of your equipment by running them at their maximum operating efficiencies. The end-result would appreciably enhance guest satisfaction.”