MFCC: The secret of its success


Imagine you want to organise an event for hundreds of people or even more. Imagine this event would be built around an exhibition, followed later with a show and ending the day with dinner or dancing. Imagine the headache of having to split the event into different venues. That would involve extra costs and headaches of transport and loss of time, apart from shattering the unity of the event. Imagine you find one place where you can find all this, but you are faced with a stock scenario, and you would have to fit your ideas or squeeze and alter your thoughts to fit your venue. Imagine the headache of having to give the event a particular unique aura. Imagine the hassle of finding personnel from different sources to work on the logistics, the technical requirements, and the timings. 

What a headache that would be! No work for the faint-hearted!

Now imagine there is one solution to all those problems. No magic wand! Imagine a place that can serve as a fit venue for all this and provide you with the necessary professional personnel to make all this happen. One venue. One stop. No headaches.

Add to that: imagine you want to visualise how this can happen before going ahead and paying a cent.

In actual fact, there is no need for any imagination. Malta already provides such a unique site and organisation that can help you visualise an answer to your needs, offer a changeable and adaptable venue, supply all professional personnel, and more: MFCC (Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre).

MFCC offers an area of 8500 square metres in one large pillarless hall, apart from numerous other indoor and outdoor spaces. And it’s all at one level. No steps. The site is accessible easily by guests, and what’s also essential is perfectly reachable by heavy machinery required to construct or work on location. 

MFCC is a perfect venue for businesses to showcase their products or services, and organise large-scale shows, dinners, conferences, and exhibitions. The list is endless. It is accessible easily by the general public, who can reach it from different directions, is not set in the heart of a busy habitat, and so does not in any way cause a nuisance to neighbours. Parking facilities are excellent, and the venue has multiple entrances and exits to allow visitors to choose the best direction to return home.  

So, how does an idea germinate? Clients would discuss their concept with MFCC’s management and technical staff and analyse the nature of the event, the size of the audience, the particular theme, etc. Before the clients leave the meeting, they will be presented with a first concept design of how the locale  can meet the event: the stage, the exits, the restrooms, the changes in scenarios. In other words, clients who enter with a mental list of requirements exit with a concrete and clear idea of how to give shape to it. Naturally, that’s a first impression, but the customers feel immediately if they have hit the right road. MFCC strives to excite clients in the process and show them their vision is achievable, their initial ideas can be improved, and MFCC is the right choice. And that preliminary work is all free, with no strings attached. 

The fact that MFCC is unique in Malta does not in any way tempt it to slumber in comfort. MFCC is the only purpose-built venue in Malta designed to cater for significant events, whether for business or leisure, for corporate or professional visitors or consumers. MFCC works professionally at all levels and strives to maintain and facilitate its name and service. Conscious of its uniqueness on the Island, MFCC also seeks to make Malta proud. 

The size of events MFCC can cater for varies, but its services tend to become unique in significant events and large audiences. To mention a few: Malta’s Got Talent, X-Factor, Muzika Muzika Festival, Malta Song for Eurovision Song Contest, Rockestra, Galaverse, and Malta Trade Fair. MFCC is, therefore, not just another venue but the venue that makes certain events happen with the impact, grandeur, strength and distinction they require.

The flexibility is almost legendary. One client wanted to change the place into an arena for an equestrian show with a ground of sand.  Another client wanted to film a night-sea scene with an emerging mystical figure. Another event was the graduation of over 2,000 students from an overseas college. This was a grand feat. Whilst the graduation ceremony and photo shoots were in motion, dinner and dancing venues were all weaved in through fast-changing scenarios, thus avoiding the fracturing of guests into different venues around the Island. Name it, and MFCC can do it!

Naturally, all this involves the utmost dedication of the staff of MFCC, who are all conscious that time and professionalism are of the essence. Every person is aware of the importance of sustaining schedules of back-to-back events, the timing constraints, sacrificing of weekends, maintenance of professional level of output and holding high the good name. Staff are the essence of it all. And they are proud of the results and the intense work behind every success. The fast and heavy tempo does not imply any cutting of corners where safety measures are concerned. These are given utmost constant importance and attention. 

Being part of the Corinthia Group, MFCC is fully aware of the support services this group offers, such as accommodation for guests and, above all, the catering facilities that may be required. What is even interesting is the fact that MFCC is also prepared to assist in the organisation of events outside its premises. They can thus, for example, offer the setting up of bespoke stages or organise the scenario for dinner. In other words, MFCC can also assist outside its premises and even abroad. 

MFCC does not rest on its laurels. In this business, remaining static means moving backwards. It is conscious of how crucial it is to attract international activities. These would undoubtedly be of benefit to MFCC but, above all, would also help in the enhancement of Malta’s image internationally.

Being a recognised International Expo Venue, the MFCC also seeks to collaborate with similar venues overseas to attract large events to Malta.  MFCC is aware of its regional Mediterranean dimension and seeks to be a catalyst to attract major global events to the region.

MFCC is currently exploring a collaboration with a convention centre in another country to organise a large-scale international expo that would generate  numerous benefits for Malta, including increased business for various industries and a further boost to the local economy. 

MFCC is conscious of its particular role in Malta and is proud to offer first-class service to a flourishing industry.