Ms Jola Calis

Corinthia, where opportunity knocks 

Your first contact often sets the tone for your future relationship, whether it is a love story, a business relationship, a friendship or a service. As part of the Reservations Department of the Radisson Golden Sands, 19-year-old Ms JolaCalis is fully aware of this. She emphasises the need of being cordial, and understanding well the person at the other end of the phone.

After finishing a management course in Maastricht, Ms Calis was looking for work with an international hotel brand in Malta. The name Corinthia featured boldly especially when she read about the importance it allots to family values.

Coming on-board as an intern, she also worked on an assignment, plotting the historic growth of the brand in Malta and internationally. Towards the end of her internship she was offered a full-time position with the Group but she wanted to complete her studies before joining. So after completing her course, she returned to the Corinthia Group.

“Everyone was very welcoming. My supervisors went the extra mile to help me settle. Corinthia cares about its employees. People are always trying to help you, especially if you’re new.”

Did she settle quickly?  “I felt comfortable and at ease from the moment I arrived. I felt part of a family.”

Starting out as a telephone operator, she worked her way up and is now in the Reservations Department. “I think there are so many opportunities ; I see my future in this hotel industry.”

Is it a demanding road to walk? “The hospitality industry is hard and competitive, but somehow here you feel the competitive aspect much less. It is easy to bond with colleagues; for me that’s definitely a plus.”

 Ms Calis looks ahead, always seeking to advance within the company. Aware of the countless opportunities, she strongly recommends enquiring about them. “Opportunity knocks often here. Its up to you to open the door.”