Ms Katalin Bentkovszky

Corinthia is family 

“The Corinthia is not just another place of work; it isn’t just another employer… it is a family.

This is how Ms Katalin Bentkovszky, an Internal Auditor at the Corinthia Hotel in Budapest, described the Corinthia Group.

She has been working for the  Group for the past 14 years, and now knows every staff member at her base hotel. Her work entails interaction with every section within the hotel and many staff members call her up for advice, which she happily provides.

One can sense in her a strong feeling of gratitude towards Corinthia. Ms Bentkovszky explains why: Corinthia had supported her through thick and thin when she lost her husband a few years ago. Those were difficult times, but she managed to get through it.

She exudes a positive attitude. “I’m always happy when I wake up in the morning. I love this job, this company and my colleagues.” There is no doubt she is strongly appreciated. She was chosen employee of the month three times. And she was also voted twice for a very particular title: funniest colleague.

Very aware that Corinthia carries clout in Budapest, she explains that everyone is a bit jealous of her when finding out that she works at this hotel. The locals are very familiar with this place and are extremely proud of it. The ballroom used to be a cinema years ago, and people say the hotel just oozes luxury.The hotel caters for many conferences and is known for providing excellent service.

A dedicated employee, a loving colleague, and a person this company can rely on. That is Ms Katalin Bentkovszky.