‘Uplifting Lives’ – Not Just a Buzzword


The phrase ‘Uplifting Lives’ is not a buzzword nor a brand gimmick. It reflects and captures a Corinthia prized value. One way of sharing this value is through corporate social responsibility. Find out the needs of others, roll up your sleeves and do something about it.

On 15, 16 and 17 March, a group of fifty Corinthia employees did exactly this. They volunteered to clean, whitewash and paint Dar San Guzepp Haddiem, in Zejtun, Malta. This is a home with a noble purpose and a modest history.

Way back in September 1995, a Maltese priest, Fr Angelo Seychell, decided to help people who have no family or have been abused of or maltreated by their own families. Within a short time he set up Fondazzjoni Nazareth with three different homes.

Conscious that work is an essential part of man’s dignity, Fondazzjoni Nazareth set up also a workshop in Zejtun at Dar San Guzepp Haddiem for the residents of these homes. They can now daily attend this workshop and work according to their abilities under the guidance and assistance of a workshop manager. This place was in dire need of a clean-up, whitewash and paint.  

In three days of hard and dedicated work, these fifty Corinthia employees changed this place into a clean and pleasing environment to be enjoyed by all. This is just phase one. Within a short time the facade and balcony of this home will also receive proper attention, thanks to the overwhelming uplifting response from Corinthia employees.