Returning Home. Karl Schranz


Most service industries face challenges in recruiting the right personnel, which is surely not a phenomenon exclusive to the Hospitality Industry. The latter seems to have experienced a talent drain that has been ongoing for the last decade. Unfortunately, COVID further augmented this phenomenon. As a result, the demand from locals for careers in hospitality has suffered a blow, and the industry seems to have lost its appeal. The younger generation prefers the standard 9-5 jobs and is unwilling to work in an industry that requires flexible working hours and conditions.” That was Karl Schranz, General Manager of ‘Recruitment & Quality Talent Ltd’( RQT), a Corinthia subsidiary company, which was recently formed to meet the challenges Corinthia is facing in recruiting the correct quantity and quality of employees. Karl clarified that RQT’s objective “ is to attract a pool of talent that would have been handpicked and trained in line with the service standards that Corinthia is renowned for. We will focus on our Malta Hotels and other company business entities in the first years of our operation.

Karl Schranz

Would this company be a general employment outlet for Corinthia? Or is it aimed solely at specific grades?

In its first year, RQT will be mainly focusing on three main objectives :

  1. We will employ a talent pool of employees at an operational level, that is, rank and file employees, namely F&B Servers, Room Attendants, and Kitchen Brigade, amongst others, and lease them out to our hotels and business entities when and where required.  These persons will be employed with RQT and sub-leased to other companies within the Corinthia Group where needed. This aspect, therefore, involves hand-picking and using new entrants. 
  2. Additionally, we shall offer recruitment support to fill positions ranging from Operative to Managerial Level. This aspect involves helping the business entities in sourcing employees when they ask for our assistance. We will only be assisting them in shortlisting candidates and interviews. These will be employed directly with the hotels and not with RQT.
  3. We shall also offer administrative support when required in handling Single Permit Applications, that is, the Work Permit that a Third Country National is obliged to obtain to be legally employed in Malta and Visa Assistance, which involves a lot of administrative back-and-forth contact with local authorities and foreign embassies.

Karl is clear and confident in Corinthia’s vision, and ploughs ahead with determination. He is no newcomer but had formed part of the Corinthia fold for many years. He joined Corinthia Palace Hotel in 2006 as a young but very eager individual who wanted to learn, contribute and grow with the company. He recalls those years vividly. “I covered various roles in Sales and Business Development at Hotel Level and Regional Level in Malta.

With Corinthians

Then he left the Company in 2015 to obtain experience in other fields. But had he released himself from Corinthia’s force of attraction? Karl nodded. “I never lost the Corinthia pull. I always knew in my heart that re-joining Corinthia was a matter of ‘when’, not ‘if’. Although I was away for eight years and have only rejoined the company for four months, I feel I have never left. The brand, management structure, corporate governance and its determined and inspired vision defy time. The core values which make Corinthia so special and remarkable remain the same.”

But something must have lingered in Karl which made him yearn to rejoin. What was it? “I would say that it was the desire to re join a company that gave me a lot of opportunities to grow both professionally and personally. It was mainly a returning home urge. Moreover, I was always impressed with the group’s growth, and I have always looked at the Corinthia Group as a role model employer and a success story. There is a sense of belonging and a company culture that is hard to come across elsewhere.” 

Karl is not only well-immersed in practical experience but is also geared with a healthy academic background. His journey in the hospitality world started at the Institute of Tourism Studies, where he read for a Higher Diploma in Hospitality Management. (1997-2001). He then furthered his studies at the University of Malta and obtained a BA ( Hons ) in Tourism (2001-2003).

After a Training Session with Professional Squash Players Cameron Pilley and Gregory Gaultier

He is blessed with a sense of optimism. “I always try to look at the glass half full instead of half empty. I firmly believe in adopting a positive and growth mindset in life.”

Take my word, it’s Karl!

After a day’s work, he used to look forward to a game of squash or padel. He is still a passionate player, but he has another interest which has taken over much of his spare time. “I have a young one-year-old daughter, Elisa, who takes most of the time I used to allocate to my hobbies.

With wife, Claudia, and daughter Elisa

Even after a very challenging day, spending time with her after work makes me forget all my problems. I cannot think of a better way of ‘relaxing’ after work.  And my dear wife, Claudia, enjoys a brief interval of respite from her constant care and attention.” Another coming home experience!