The Spirit of Corinthia. L-Ispirtu ta’ Corinthia


Insider Plus decided to write about the inspiring topic ‘The Spirit of Corinthia’. Exceptionally, we have decided to publish in English and Maltese.


The Spirit Of Corinthia

Corinthia takes pride in its prime trophy properties and the exceptional service offered by its professionally trained and groomed personnel. But there is something else which forms an essential part of Corinthia that completes and personalises its image: the Corinthia Spirit that includes the beautiful properties as also the high-quality service within a soul of caring, all together forming a beacon that is synonymous with the brand Corinthia. 

Corinthia’s mind-set gives rise to a prestigious ethos. Corinthia is a caring organisation, directed by principles of camaraderie and sound social and commercial guidelines of behaviour. It spurs and stimulates acts of positive values, which uplift the lives of others through a caring philosophy, thus forming a foundation for good management. 

Care is a cornerstone of the Spirit of Corinthia. Mr Alfred Pisani, Executive Chairman, founder of Corinthia and author of all quotations in this article, leaves no doubt what he has in mind: If we treat our colleagues with respect, they will not only think better of themselves, but they will also show deeper respect to one other.’ ‘The most awarding payback for our effort in helping others is the knowledge that our behaviour, our counselling, has influenced our colleagues to become better people.

Care therefore emphasises the value of each individual who becomes the centre point of attention.  ‘It is important to look after our hotels like we look after our bodies, but we must always keep in mind that it is our people who represent the soul of our Company.

The duty of care is not only humane and social in nature and direction, but also a principle of good management. Primarily, Management is an essential part of the whole journey, but with Corinthia, the Spirit of the Company has elevated Management to a higher dimension, by including the commitment of care to one another.

The duty of care for each other in the organisation creates a bond that is akin to a family, the Corinthia Family which is another cornerstone of the Spirit of Corinthia. Once again, this Family concept is not merely collegial and social but distinctively managerial. It is the mantra which joins all efforts into one. ‘The combined energy of each of you working together – like the order in the molecules of a magnet, attracting other particles beyond the size of its mass, will likewise in the combined energy of our people, far outpace anything you can individually achieve… Working in harmony and unity will produce the winning team.’

Teamwork within the Corinthia Spirit is not limited to only working together but also includes the commitment to the same cause. The strong culture of Corinthia creates a sense of belonging and acts like a bond.  Knowing that you are appreciated and important drives you to give your very best. Corinthia is proud of its culture and is adamant to further ensure that this will strengthen and be shared with every member of the family and engrained in all its systems and procedures. Every member of the family is responsible to live this culture under the direction of the Chief Culture Officer.

The Spirit of Corinthia is more embracing. Apart from the caring- family values, it contains a set of guiding values which together form Corinthia’s DNA. 

Determination and perseverance to overcome challenges, runs through the very fiber of the Spirit of Corinthia. ‘Some obstacles are made in Heaven after all…Living the spirit of Corinthia is a continual call to arms to meet the challenges.’ Challenges and hurdles are there to strengthen the resolve and serve as a possible gateway to develop new ideas.  Innovation and challenge often work hand in hand within the Spirit of Corinthia. Innovating does not simply mean generating new ideas but also the ability to arrive at solutions in times of challenge. As is rightly said, average companies give their people something to work on. In contrast, Corinthia offers its people something to work for.

Adapting to change is an important part of the Spirit of Corinthia. Many are those who mistakenly believe that evolution favours the strongest. It favours the fittest, and in an ever-changing world, the fittest is the one who best responds to change in the shortest possible time. 

No amount of determination can succeed if not mixed with a strong dose of positivity, which is essential to strengthen the spirit of Corinthia with confidence and optimism. ‘We must remain positive even in adversity. Difficult situations can often be forged into a positive outcome…your positive attitude can truly make a difference.

Continual hard work is a essential to attain high peaks, but without passion hard work is like muscle without punch. The Spirit of Corinthia cries out for passion. ‘Passion is an unconditional commitment and dedication to what you choose to do in life with energy and conviction. Passion is what makes you go that extra mile. Passion is what distinguishes the best from the average.’

One can rightly say that passion drives perfection, whilst persistence and passion propel you to attain your objective, the heightened energy of the soul to reach the peak of your goals and once reached, new heights become apparent. . 

All through its journey, Corinthia has focused on ever evolving visions. ‘We have the liberty in our vision to dream that which may seem impossible. Corinthia is a company of visions realized. It always has been, and it always will be.’ The visionary is a dreamer who sees not what is, but what his spirit reaches out to embrace. 

The vision in the Spirit of Corinthia leads to creativity. It is  strange but true that ‘Creativity is at its best during times of duress and perseverance.’ Creativity does not wait for the perfect moment. It is often born from breaking established rules and learning from your mistakes. And so is any human activity, especially when one’s back is against the wall, perseverance will ultimately melt the walls away and a new path will appear

Today, where integrity could be seen as a shackle to move forward, or at best an unwanted limitation of action, it is really heartening to know that the Spirit of Corinthia places integrity on a high pedestal. ‘Integrity is an invaluable virtue. I would rather choose a person who has integrity, commitment and passion than one who possesses knowledge but lacks integrity. Knowledge can be taught, while it is very difficult to influence character shortcomings.’ 

In its operations, the Spirit of Corinthia merges the excitement of its pioneering past with the thrill of its visions of the future. It generates energy for its growth and development with increasing force. In other words, the Spirit of Corinthia stimulates a constant and increasing energy of growth.

The flag of the Corinthia Spirit has been flying for many years. In December of this year, Corinthia will be celebrating its 60th anniversary. Sixty years of hard work, passionate accomplishment, determination and realised visions. All within the spirit of family values and an ever-growing energy to regenerate itself in difficult times.




L-Ispirtu Ta’ Corinthia

Corinthia jħossha kburija bil-proprjetajiet tagħha ta’ l-ogħla livell u bis-servizz eċċezjonali li toffri permezz ta’ niesha, mħarga u mħejjija b’mod professjonali. Imma hemm haġ’oħra li tifforma parti essenzjali minn Corinthia li tikkompleta w tippersonalizza l-immaġni tagħha: l-Ispirtu ta’ Corinthia, li jinkludi proprjetajiet sbieħ  kif ukoll servizz ta’ l-ogħla kwalita` fi spirtu ta’ kura, li lkoll flimkien jiffurmaw xempju ta’ eċċellenza li hu sinonimu mal-marka Corinthia.

Il-mentalita` ta’ ħames stillel ta’ Corinthia twelled etos, jew spirtu prestiġjuż. Corinthia hi organizzazjoni li tinteressa ruħha, tieħu ħsieb u tagħti kas. Hi mmexxija minn prinċipji ta’ ħbiberija w linji gwida sodi  ta’ mġieba soċjali w kummerċjali. Tistimola atti ta’ valur pożittiv li jgħollu moralment u socjalment il-ħajja ta’ ħaddieħor permezz ta’ filosofija ta’ interess u kura, u b’hekk tifforma pedament għal maniġmemt għaqli.

Il-kura hi sies ta’ l-Ispirtu ta’ Corinthia. Is-Sur Alfred Piasni, Chairman Eżekuttiv u fundatur ta’ Corinthia kif ukoll awtur tal-kwotazzjonijiet kollha f’dan l-artiklu, ma jħalli ebda dubju x’għandu f’moħħu: ‘Jekk nittrattaw lil-kollegi tagħna bir-rispett, huma mhux biss jaħsbu aħjar fuqhom infushom, iżda wkoll juru rispett akbar lejn xulxin. L-aqwa sodisfazzjon li nieħdu mill-għajnuna li noffru lil oħrajn hu l-għarfien  li l-imġieba u l-pariri taghna jkunu nfluwenzaw lil-kollegi tagħna biex isiru nies aħjar.’

Il-kura w l-interess f’ħaddieħor jenfasizzaw il-valur ta’ l-individwu li jsir iċ-ċentru tal-attenzjoni. ‘Hu importanti li nieħdu ħsieb il-lukandi tagħna kif nieħdu ħsieb lilna nfusna; imma għandna dejjem inżommu f’moħħna li huma n-nies tagħna li jirrapreżentaw ir-ruħ tal-kumpanija tagħna.’ 

Id-dover li nieħdu ħsieb mhux biss hu uman u soċjali fin-natura w direzzjoni tiegħu, iżda hu wkoll prinċipju ta’ maniġment għaqli. Primarjament, il-maniġment hu parti essenzjali tal-vjaġġ kollu, imma fil-każ ta’ Corinthia, l-Ispirtu ta’ Corinthia eleva l-maniġment ghal dimensjoi ogħla, billi nkluda wkoll l-impenn għal kura ta’ xulxin.

Id-dmir ta’ kura ta’ xulxin fl-organizzazjoni joħloq għaqda li tixbaħ il-familja – il-Familja Corinthia – li hi pedament iehor ta’ l-Ispirtu ta’ Corinthia. Għal darb’oħra, dan il-kunċett ta’ Familja mhuwiex biss kolleġjali w soċjali imma wkoll distintivament maniġerjali. Hu il-mantra li tgħaqqad l-isforzi kollha.  ‘L-enerġija magħquda ta’ kull wieħed minnkom meta taħdmu flimkien – bħal l-ordni fil- mollekuli ta’ kalamita li jattiraw particelli oħra lil hinn mid-daqs tal-massa tagħha – tkun akbar minn kull ma tistgħu tiksbu individwalment. Xogħol f’armonija w għaqda  jipproduċi t-tim rebbieħ.’

Fl-Ispirti ta’Corinthia, il-ħidma f’tim mhuwiex limitat biss f’li taħdem flimkien, imma jinkludi wkoll l-impenn għall-istess kawża. Il-kultura qawwija ta’ Cornthia toħloq sens ta’ appartenenza w taħdem bħal rabta. Meta tkun taf li inti apprezzat u kkunsidrat importanti, inti tagħti l-aħjar li tista’. Corinthia hi kburija bil-kultura tagħha u hi  deċiża li tassigura li din il-kultura tissaħħaħ aktar u tkun kondiviża bejn kull membru tal-familja u mdaħħla sew fis-sistemi w proċeduri tagħha kollha. Kull membru tal-familja hu responsabbli li jgħix din il-kultura taħt id-direzzjoni taċ-Chief Culture Officer.

L-Ispirtu ta’ Corinthia jħaddan aktar minn hekk. Barra l-valuri ta’ familja li tieħu ħsieb, hemm sett ta’ valuri gwida li flimkien jiffurmaw id-DNA ta’ Corinthia.

Id-determinazzjoni u l-perseveranza biex tegħleb l-isfidi, huma parti essenzjali mill-fibra ta’ l-Ispirtu ta’ Corinthia. ‘Wara kollox, xi ostakli huma magħmula fil-Ġenna…L-Ispirtu ta’ Corinthia hu sejħa kontinwa biex nagħmlu l-almu tagħna kollu u negħlbu l-isfidi.’ L-isfidi w l-ostakli qiegħdin hemm biex insaħħu r-rieda tagħna u jservu bħala aċċess jew żvog għal żvilupp ta’ idejat ġodda. L-innovazzjoni w l-isfida ħafna drabi jaħdmu id f’id fl-Ispirtu ta’ Corinthia. Innovazzjoni ma jfissirx sempliċement li wieħed jiġġenera idejat ġodda iżda wkoll il-ħila li wieħed jasal għal soluzzjonijiet fi żmienijiet ta’ sfidi. Kif sew jingħad, kumpanija medja tagħti lin-nies tagħha xi ħaġa biex jaħdmu fuqha. B’kuntrast, Corintha toffri lil niesha xi ħaġa li jaħdmu għaliha.

L-adattament għat-tibdil hu parti importanti mill-Ispirtu ta’ Corinthia. Ħafna jaħsbu b’mod żbaljat li l-evoluzzjonu tiffavorixxi lil min hu l-aktar b’saħħtu. Fil verita`, f’dinja li dejjem tinbidel, l-evoluzzjoni tiffavorixxi lil min hu l-aktar idonju biex jirrejaġixxi w jadatta ruħu għat-tibdil fl-iqsar żmien.

Ebda ammont ta’ determinazzjoni ma jirnexxi jekk ma jkunx imħallat b’doża qawwija ta’ pożittivita`, li hi essenzjali biex isaħħaħ l-Ispirtu ta’ Corinthia b’kunfidenza w ottimiżmu. ‘Għandna nibqgħu pożittivi anki fl’avversitajiet. Ħafna drabi sitwazzjonijiet diffiċli jistgħu jinbiddlu f’riżultat pożittiv…l-attitudni pożittiva tagħkom tista’ tassew tagħmel differenza.’

Xogħol iebes kontinwu hu essenzjali biex tilħaq il-quċċata, iżda mingħajr il-passjoni, ix-xogħol iebes qisu muskolu mingħajr forza, bla qawwa. L-Ispirtu ta’ Corinthia jixxenaq għal passjoni. ‘Il-passjoni hi impenn bla kundizzjoni. Hi dedikazzjoni għal dak li tagħżel li tagħmel f’ħajtek b’enerġija w konvinzjoni. Il-passjoni hi dik il-forza li ġġiegħlek tagħmel sforz akbar u tiddistingwi l-aħjar mill-medju.

Wieħed jista’ jgħid li l-passjoni twassal għal perfezzjoni, waqt li l-persistenza u l-passjoni jixprunawk biex tilħaq l-oġġettiv tiegħek. Il-passjoni hi dik l-enerġija miżjuda tar-ruħ biex tilħaq il-quċċata tal-miri tiegħek u meta tilħaqhom, tilmaħ quċċati ġodda.

Tul il-vjaġġ tagħha, Corinthia ffukat fuq viżjonijiet li dejjem jevolvu. ‘Aħna liberi fil-viżjoni tagħna biex noħolmu dak li jista’ jidher impossbbli. Corinthia hi kumpanija ta’ viżjonijiet imwettqa. Minn dejjem kienet hekk, u hekk ser tibqa’ dejjem.’ Il-viżjonarju hu bniedem li joħlom u ma jarax dak li hu, izda dak li l-ispirtu tiegħu jfittex biex jilħaq u jħaddan.

Il-viżjoni fl’Ispirtu ta’ Corinthia jwassal għal krejattivita`. Hi haġa stramba iżda vera li ‘il-krejattivita` hi fl’aqwa tagħha fi żmien ta’ pressjoni w perseveranza.’ Il-krejattivita` ma tistenniex il-mument perfett. Spiss titwieled minn ksur ta’ regoli stabbiliti u tagħlim minn żbalji. U hekk ukoll hi l-attivta` umana, speċjalment meta wiehed ikun daru mal-ħajt. ‘Il-perseveranza fl-aħħar tħoll il-ħitan u tidher triq ġdida.’

Illum, li l-integrita` tista’ tidher għal xi wħud bħala  rabta li tfixxkel il-mixja ‘l quddiem jew limitazzjoni mhux mixtieqa ta’ azzjoni, hi tassew haġa li tqawwi l-qalb li nkunu nafu li l-Ispirtu ta’ Corinthia jpoġġi l-integrita` fuq pedestall għoli. ‘L-integrita` hi virtu` imprezzabbli. Nippreferi nagħzel persuna li għandha integrita`, dedikazzjoni w passjoni milli wieħed li jaf ħafna iżda m’għandhux integrita`. L-għerf tista’ takkwistaħ bit-tagħlim, izda hi tassew diffiċli tinfluwenza n-nuqqasijiet fil-karattru.’ 

Fl-attivitajiet tal-kumpanija, l-Ispirtu ta’ Corinthia jgħaqqad l-eċitament tal-passat pijunier tagħha mat-tqanqil pjaċevolu tal-viżjonijiet tagħha tal-futur. Tiġġenera enerġija għat-tkabbir u żvilupp tagħha b’forza li dejjem tiżdied. Fi kliem ieħor, l-Ispirtu ta’ Corinthia jistimula tkattir kostanti ta’ enerġija ta’ tkabbir.

Il-bandiera tal-Ispirtu ta’ Corinthia ilha tperper ħafna snin. F’Diċembru ta’din is-sena, Corinthia tiċċelebra is-sittin anniversarju tagħha. Sittin sena ta’ xogħol iebes, twettiq passjonat, determinazzjoni u viżjonijiet imwettqa. Kollox fl-ispirtu tal-valuri ta’ familja w enerġija li dejjem tiżdied u li tiġġenera lilha nfisha fi żminijet iebsa.