The unplanned interview with Diane Pulis. 


I left my hotel room at Corinthia St George at 9 am sharp, determined to have a quiet breakfast and not looking for any soul to interview. This was my time, no one else’s. I sat down and started sipping my coffee when a couple of energetic young boys, five or six-year-olds, decided to join the table next to me in anticipation of their mother, who probably was relieved to leave them in a safe place on their own but well watched over for a few minutes. They were prankish, and I gathered their names: Luke, the elder, and Ben, the younger.  

Their pranks became livelier within a minute, but it was fun to follow their naughty plans. 

Diane Pulis

Then came a Restaurant Supervisor whose name I could read from her name tag: Diane. She smiled at the kids and quickly exchanged words and stylish handshakes reminiscent of Spiderman or some Superhero. Diane efficiently organised some drinks and eats, and by the time their mother arrived just a couple of minutes later, they were merrily enjoying a slice of chocolate cake with a chunk of sausage, gulped down by an orange squash.

Their mother smiled and thanked Diane heartily.

I could hear Diane say she was the grandmother of a kid almost their age, and she melts when she sees children reminding her of her beloved grandson, Lee.

So that was the end of my undercover. I spoke to Diane Pulis and asked her if she agreed to be interviewed. I pointed out that her friendly approach to two young kids at the right time and with the right attitude caught my attention and praise. 

I was right: she was a Restaurant Supervisor whose duties included receiving reservations, preparing tables for guests, seating clients as they arrived, ensuring they were served well, and, if new, introducing them to the different food tables. Important: all along, she was to see that guests were enjoying their experience there and, naturally, to welcome young children in a particular way only a grandmother can do. 

Asked which aspect of her work she liked most, Diane confidently replied: ‘Keeping guests happy and satisfied with a friendly service is vital to my job satisfaction. A welcoming smile works miracles. A gentle, warm approach to make a guest feel special is as pleasant to the guests as it is to me. Their satisfaction is my goal. 

‘I watch to see if other helpers are being helpful and offering their best service. I cannot take rough or slapdash service, which, in reality, one does not encounter in this place.’

Diane joined Corinthia in October 2023. She previously worked as a chef with a gaming company employing 100 people. This was the first time she had joined a hotel, and she found this experience very much to her liking. She loves contact with new people and always offers help and assistance through exemplary service.

Nicole and Lee

She has one daughter, Nicole, who is 29 and works as an assistant manager in an accounts office with a leading accountancy firm. Nicole’s three-year-old son, Lee, is the emperor of the house and has a strong passion for cars – naturally toy cars – but enjoys making the sound of an engine revving and braking and is free to park in irregular places such as under the bed, away from regular traffic!

Grandmother Diane admits that she adores the time she spends with Lee and loves how he chats with her and shares his love. She looked at me and asked: ‘Have you ever thought you could not love someone more intensely? And then, on the morrow, you actually feel you love him even more. I see him in every child I see, and when I notice a child suffering, my heart bleeds at the thought that it could have been him.’

Lee, the emperor of the house.

I could see her friendly approach not only with guests but also with the other staff. ‘I have no problems maintaining a pleasant attitude at work while keeping a watchful eye to see that everything goes well. Being an open-minded and friendly character helps me to win the confidence of others without any special effort. And I will not miss a good laugh at the right time, too.’

Standing up for many hours can be challenging at times, but one gets used to it. However, when I arrive home in the evening, I long to rest my feet for a short while and then spend some time cooking, which is a great passion of mine, and naturally attend to some housework. In summer, I try as much as possible to find some time after work for a good swim. Swimming is one of my favourite pastimes, apart from travelling to new destinations. I love touring around new sites and experiencing novel adventures.

What makes you relax and gives you a positive outlook on life? Diane was quick on the draw. ‘Undoubtedly, a good laugh and a strong hug from Lee.’

Diane knew her short free time was over, so she shook my hands, but it was not like Spiderman this time.