We are still Corinthians


As the saying goes, ‘The proof is in the pudding.’ The COVID period and its immediate aftermath frustrated gatherings, which also affected the yearly practice of grouping Corinthian retirees. 

This year, the Corinthia Social Committee decided to invite Corinthia retirees for a buffet lunch. Would there be a good response? The proof is in…, yes, precisely that!

Some of the Corinthian retirees

The result was a resounding success. Much better than the most optimistic forecast! No less than 90 retirees attended. The Flavours Restaurant at the Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Malta Golden Sands, was buzzing with food, friendship and familiarity. 

The richly varied buffet was indeed a treat. However, an equally irresistible thrill was meeting with colleagues, an experience strongly restricted by time and circumstances. 

And some more!

One could see the conviviality amongst the 90-odd crowd. They all wanted to relate their latest experiences whilst reminiscing and laughing at relived past anecdotes. In other words, sharing the joys and pangs of past and present life. 

These people carried the weight of Corinthia in its pioneering days. They saw this great company being born and grow. One cannot fail to name 88-years young Lewis  Parnis, who was one of the first General Managers of Corinthia Palace Hotel, the very birthplace of Corinthia.

Lewis Parnis (left) celebrating his 88th birthday flanked by Director Joseph Pisani

The group was welcomed by Corinthia Director Joseph Pisani and his brother Victor Pisani, both visibly moved by the healthy concurrence of Corinthians and their surviving enthusiasm.

One retiree commented enthusiastically: ‘This was such a great occasion to  wade through our past stories, which remain a solid foundation of present Corinthian adventures. Our strong attendance proves a simple fact: We are still Corinthians.